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Our goal is to help clients to deal with complex legal issues by aggressively defending their interests and protecting their legal rights.

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We handle all types of criminal charges and cases - state and federal courts. From drug crimes to DUI defense to forfeitures, our experienced criminal defense attorney will protect your legal rights. Our Shelby County criminal defense lawyer can help reduce fees, avoid jail time, and avoid permanent criminal convictions. We are available 24/7, call us today (205) 444-4773!


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Criminal Attorney in Shelby County, AL - Daniel Alexander

About Us

Daniel Alexander is a native of the Birmingham area. He has practiced Criminal Law primarily in Shelby County for almost 20 years. Although Shelby is his home base, he has also practiced in other counties as well as many Municipal Courts throughout North and Central Alabama. Dan has handled cases in both District and Circuit Courts. He has a broad knowledge of the law having practiced both Civil and Criminal, plus with the experience of being an Assistant District Attorney and Public Defender. Call him at 205-475-8048 for help with your criminal case.

Why Choose Shelby County Criminal Attorney, LLC

Because you deserve a strong defense against any charges: 

  • Primarily focused on criminal defense
  • Trial tested success
  • Quality Defense
  • Military Discounts
  • Assistant District Attorney For 8 Years
  • Lead counsel for all types of criminal cases
  • Defends each client as his own family
  • Personal attention to each unique client

100% Proven

Mr. Alexander has over 16 years of criminal law experience. He started in a district attorney's office. He has represented countless clients in state and federal courts.

Fair, Flexible

We understand facing criminal charges can be extremely stressful. That's why our law firm offers fail, flexible pricing base on each individual case.

Criminal Law

Daniel Alexander is a criminal defense attorney. Daniel practices only a criminal defense law, that means his focus is 100% on criminal defense and that makes him one of the most experienced defense attorney in Shelby County, AL.

A Honest

Sometimes, It can be hard to hear the truth, but the truth is the most useful in planning your criminal defense strategy. Daniel will make sure that you understand all the aspects of your charges, the different stages of the courtroom process. 

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