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Drug Crimes

Drug crimes can range from simple Possession of a small amount for personal use to Manufacturing of drugs, Distribution of drugs, and Trafficking, which relates to the weight of drugs. 

Drug Possession in Shelby County Alabama

If you have been charged with simple Drug Possession in Shelby County Alabama, it is still a serious offense and should be handled with our expertise. Do not risk your future. Dan Alexander is just a phone call away when you need him most. Call Shelby County Criminal Attorney at 205-475-8048.

Even if it appears you have been caught “red-handed” there still maybe things that could affect the validity of the charges.  Dan Alexander will fight for your rights.

Drug Crimes - Shelby County Criminal Attorney

Drug Trafficking in Shelby County Alabama

Drug Possession changes to Drug Trafficking when the weight of the drugs is considered more than for personal use in Shelby County Alabama. Penalties are much harsher for trafficking with mandatory jail or prison sentences plus fines. Are you being accused of being a drug dealer? We will help you fight this. Searches and seizures can be considered unlawful if they violate Federal or State laws. Some common violations include lack of probable cause or reasonable suspicion and invalid search or arrest warrants.  A violation could allow charges to be dismissed.

Some might assume that drug trafficking and drug distribution are the same, but they are not. Drug Trafficking is determined by the weight of the drugs and can be easier to prove.

Selling or giving away any amount of drugs is Distribution. This would be the typical charge for someone trying to sell to an undercover cop.  Distribution of drugs is a common but profoundly serious charge.

Crime of Drug Manufacturing in Shelby County Alabama

A crime of Drug Manufacturing covers many things. The most common drug manufactured is still Marijuana. Growing Marijuana can be considered manufacturing. Cultivating psychedelic mushrooms is also considered manufacturing. Owning or possessing the items needed to produce illegal drugs is a crime. The ease at which Meth is produced has caused labs to be common in Alabama from the rural areas to the subdivisions. Drug Manufacturing charges carry stiff penalties that may be enhanced. It is especially important for your future to get the best and most knowledgeable representation. Call Daniel Alexander, your Shelby County Criminal Attorney, at 205-475-8048.

  • MisdemeanorsDisorderly conduct - Trespassing - Simple assault - Petty theft - Public intoxication - Reckless driving
  • FelonyMurder - Rape - Robbery - Burglary - Grand theft - Kidnapping
  • Drug CrimesPossession of marijuana - Drug trafficking - Possession of drug paraphernalia - Driving under the influence of drugs - Prescription fraud - Manufacturing of illegal drugs
  • Traffic CrimesDriving under the influence of alcohol - Reckless driving - Hit and run - Driving with a suspended license - Speeding - Running a red light or stop sign
  • Violent CrimesAssault - Battery - Homicide - Domestic violence - Robbery - Kidnapping
  • Child AbusePhysical abuse - Emotional abuse - Neglect - Sexual abuse - Abandonment - Endangerment
  • Sexual OffensesRape - Sexual assault - Child pornography - Indecent exposure - Prostitution - Sexual exploitation
  • Stalking/Aggravated StalkingFollowing someone - Sending unwanted gifts or messages - Showing up uninvited to someone's home or workplace - Threatening harm - Violating restraining orders - Using technology to track someone
  • Domestic ViolencePhysical abuse - Emotional abuse - Sexual abuse - Economic abuse - Stalking - Intimidation
  • Human TraffickingForced labor - Sexual exploitation - Debt bondage - Organ trafficking - Forced marriage - Child soldiers
  • Elder AbusePhysical abuse - Emotional abuse - Financial abuse - Neglect - Sexual abuse - Abandonment
  • Sex Offenses by ComputerPossession or distribution of child pornography - Sexting with a minor - Online solicitation of minors - Sexual extortion - Cyberstalking - Identity theft
  • Property OffensesBurglary - Robbery - Arson - Vandalism - Trespassing - Fraud
  • Theft CrimesGrand theft - Petty theft - Shoplifting - Embezzlement - Identity theft - Carjacking
  • HarassmentVerbal abuse - Threats - Stalking - Bullying - Discrimination - Intimidation
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