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Theft Crimes

Theft Crimes in Shelby County Alabama

All robberies are Felonies and involve the threat of force on a person. Two people committing robbery constitute Robbery in the second degree. It is a Class B felony. If a deadly or dangerous weapon is involved, the crime bumps up to first degree burglary. It is now a Class A Felony.

Chapter 8 of Code of Alabama 1975

Offense involving Theft chapter 8 of Code of Alabama 1975 covers a wide array of crimes. Of course, it covers theft, receipt of stolen property, and robbery. Many relatively new crimes have been added to the list of thefts including computer crimes such as phishing, stolen identity, unlawful recordings, stolen valor, stolen cable or other utilities, intellectual property theft, stolen shopping carts, stolen signs, and secondary metal recycling.

In Shelby County, Alabama, theft charges are handled very seriously and can result in harsh punishments.
It is our responsibility as defense attorneys to give our clients with fair and equitable legal representation.
We recognize that being accused of theft may be frightening, and we work hard to help our clients through the legal system with compassion and skill.

Our skilled legal staff is well-versed in the rules and regulations governing theft offences in Shelby County, Alabama. We collaborate closely with our clients to establish a defense plan that is unique to their situation. An important element in any crime is “knowingly.”  

Did you know? Shelby County Criminal Attorneys LLC knows that laws can be very confusing. The court system is a world unto itself. You need an experienced guide to help you through. Call Daniel Alexander, your Shelby County Criminal Attorney, at 205-475-8048.

Theft Crimes - Shelby County Criminal Attorney
  • MisdemeanorsDisorderly conduct - Trespassing - Simple assault - Petty theft - Public intoxication - Reckless driving
  • FelonyMurder - Rape - Robbery - Burglary - Grand theft - Kidnapping
  • Drug CrimesPossession of marijuana - Drug trafficking - Possession of drug paraphernalia - Driving under the influence of drugs - Prescription fraud - Manufacturing of illegal drugs
  • Traffic CrimesDriving under the influence of alcohol - Reckless driving - Hit and run - Driving with a suspended license - Speeding - Running a red light or stop sign
  • Violent CrimesAssault - Battery - Homicide - Domestic violence - Robbery - Kidnapping
  • Child AbusePhysical abuse - Emotional abuse - Neglect - Sexual abuse - Abandonment - Endangerment
  • Sexual OffensesRape - Sexual assault - Child pornography - Indecent exposure - Prostitution - Sexual exploitation
  • Stalking/Aggravated StalkingFollowing someone - Sending unwanted gifts or messages - Showing up uninvited to someone's home or workplace - Threatening harm - Violating restraining orders - Using technology to track someone
  • Domestic ViolencePhysical abuse - Emotional abuse - Sexual abuse - Economic abuse - Stalking - Intimidation
  • Human TraffickingForced labor - Sexual exploitation - Debt bondage - Organ trafficking - Forced marriage - Child soldiers
  • Elder AbusePhysical abuse - Emotional abuse - Financial abuse - Neglect - Sexual abuse - Abandonment
  • Sex Offenses by ComputerPossession or distribution of child pornography - Sexting with a minor - Online solicitation of minors - Sexual extortion - Cyberstalking - Identity theft
  • Property OffensesBurglary - Robbery - Arson - Vandalism - Trespassing - Fraud
  • Theft CrimesGrand theft - Petty theft - Shoplifting - Embezzlement - Identity theft - Carjacking
  • HarassmentVerbal abuse - Threats - Stalking - Bullying - Discrimination - Intimidation
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