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Child Abuse

Child Abuse in Shelby County Alabama

The charge of “Child abuse” covers a multitude of evils - emotional and/or physical. Emotional abuse boils down to verbal – what is said in front of the child, to the child, or about the child. Vulgar language in the proximity of a child can constitute abuse.

Name calling, belittling, and shouting at the child may also rise the charge of abuse. Verbal abuse damages a child’s spirit and leaves an indelible mark. It can be as hurtful as physical pain for some.

Child Abuse - Shelby County Criminal Attorney

Physical abuse can range from neglect to bodily harm to sexual exploitation. Neglect is when parents either cannot or do not take care of the basic needs of the child. These needs could deal with hygiene, medical issues, housing, food, and even lack of parental supervision. If parents do not tend to their responsibilities, they are subject to being charged with child abuse.

Physical child abuse causing bodily harm is when a child is injured in a non-accidental manner. This could happen in numerous ways including hitting, kicking, punching, cigarette burns, shaking, etc. Parents that cannot control or do not control themselves are then disciplined by the local authorities.

Sexual abuse of a child is another form of physical abuse. It is not only sex acts committed with or to a child, but it also covers sharing pornography with a child, forcing a child to watch sex acts, etc.

Child Abuse – Representing the accused.

It is difficult to understand how someone could abuse a child. It is also troubling why someone would falsely accuse a person of abuse.  It is more common than one might think. The charges often surface during a contentious divorce. Charging child abuse is a strategic move to gain sole custody and control. An angry ex-spouse might feel desperate enough to falsify charges. Unfortunately, a charge of child abuse does more to the accused than simply interfering in custody negotiations.

Being wrongly accused of child abuse is a humiliating charge that can have lasting repercussions. Unsubstantiated charges can damage a person’s reputation at a minimum can could lead to the loss of their job and possibly freedom. Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do? Daniel Alexander will guide you and fight with you for the best possible legal resolution.

As sad as it is possible to consider, a child might falsely accuse a parent of abuse. A “child” means the person has not reached the age of majority.  This may be a vindictive move by a troubled teenager from being grounded or taking their phone away.  Or possibly, a teen is resentful of a stepparent. There are many scenarios in which these lies might happen.

Once the lie is spoken, everything about the situation must be searched and explored by the authorities. This can be difficult for an innocent person to endure. An understanding and prepared lawyer is a must. No matter how innocent you may be, do not go it alone. Do not risk speaking without counsel. You need a team that has your back and working on your future. Dan Alexander is just a phone call away when you need him most. Call him at 205-475-8048.

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