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Sexual Offenses

Sexual Offenses in Shelby County Alabama

Sexual Offenses generally carry the element of a lack of consent from the victim. This could be due to several reasons including fear of harm, being under the age of 16, or lack of mental capacity to consent. Rape, Sodomy, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Torture, Indecent Exposure, and Sexual Abuse of a Child are all sexual offenses under Alabama law.

Crime of Rape in Shelby County Alabama

The Alabama law defines Rape in the first-degree as where

  • a person engages in forcible sexual intercourse
  • or engages in sexual intercourse with someone unable to give consent
  • or someone over age of 16 who has sexual relations with someone under 12 years of age.

Rape in the first-degree is a Class A Felony. Have you been charged with a rape in Shelby County, AL? Contact our Shelby County criminal defense attorney at (205) 475-8048 today.

Crime of Rape - Shelby County Criminal Attorney

The rape may not be a clear-cut case. There are always two sides and many factors involved in a rape case.  Rape may boil down to he said/she said. Is this a totally baseless charge against you, mistaken identity? Is there evidence? Does it implicate you? Were there witnesses? Was alcohol involved? Is she claiming date rape? Were drugs introduced surreptitiously? Proof? Did the rape actually happen or is this a vindictive claim? Mr. Alexander will defend you against these charges. It is important to get your lawyer working on your behalf as soon as possible. Trust him to ask all the correct questions to put on the best defense possible.

Statutory Rape

Rape in the second degree is a Class B Felony. It involves the voluntary participation of a child between the age 12-16 with someone older than 16. If the age difference of the two participants is greater than two years, then this is considered rape. This is often called Statutory Rape. Although both are consenting partners, a statute declares it rape. This can be a complex crime. With a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old, it may come down to a matter of months to whether this is consensual sex or statutory rape.

The two participants in a sexual encounter each have their side of the story, but the truth is what the system seeks. It is the responsibility of your attorney to represent you against this serious charge to the best of his ability. A critical point in determination of guilt repeatedly found in the Code of Alabama is the requirement of acting either knowingly, recklessly, intentionally, or negligently. You are innocent until proven guilty. It is the prosecutor’s job to

Indecent Exposure

A charge of Indecent Exposure might bring to mind a “flasher” or “streaker.” Although, Indecent Exposure is considered a misdemeanor the first time, it can be upgraded to a felony with repeated charges. Oftentimes, people charged with indecent exposure have mental or substance abuse issues. Being convicted of a sexual crime carries the stigma of always being a sexual offender. If you have been charged with a sexual crime, it is important to have a lawyer determined to work toward the best possible outcome. Have you been charged with a Indecent Exposure in Shelby County, AL? Contact our Shelby County criminal defense attorney at (205) 475-8048 today. 

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  • Human TraffickingForced labor - Sexual exploitation - Debt bondage - Organ trafficking - Forced marriage - Child soldiers
  • Elder AbusePhysical abuse - Emotional abuse - Financial abuse - Neglect - Sexual abuse - Abandonment
  • Sex Offenses by ComputerPossession or distribution of child pornography - Sexting with a minor - Online solicitation of minors - Sexual extortion - Cyberstalking - Identity theft
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